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“ The gummy leather that doesn’t wrinkle and lends itself to moulding.”

Gum Fango


Thanks to the special processing technology used to produce it, this article features a particularly modern, high-tech look. Gum is obtained from “top-grain” bovine leather, thickness mm. 1.2/1.4  that is buffed, resined and accurately smoothed prior to final gumming. The special processes adopted to prepare the base, along with top-quality finishing products, guarantee the success of this perfectly smooth, high-performance gum leather.

The base leather is drum-dyed (through-dyed) to match the gum finish so that the sharp cut does not appear white while cutting. When subjected to mechanical stress during processing, these skins do not show any unwanted problems or the unpleasant “orange peel effect” typical of cheaper gummy articles produced on splits-leather backing material that make them look synthetic. While Gum is used mainly to produce sneakers, since the uppers can be moulded easily, it can also be used for women’s boots.

On request, GUM can also be hydrophobic treated into the coloring drum (as a part of the tanning process) to create modern, advanced, rainproof boots.

Thanks to these characteristics, Gum can also be used for technical footwear, e.g. for the motor racing sector, in which drivers’ shoes have to be fire-resistant.

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