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The home of leather

Our unique approach to product conception, marketing and unrivalled professionalism developed over more than 20 years of collaboration with prestigious international fashion and luxury brands is what inspires the values on which our company is based. Know-how, innovation and flexible services have been our distinctive features for over two decades of work with commercial partners as we are in constant research for unique products created by personalising top quality skins. The local roots of ROC Conciaria run deep within our culture and we are proud to be interpreters of the consolidated tradition of the footwear industry of the Marche region, and to give an added value to the leather associated with it. Passion for work and love for the land that has seen us grow are the principles behind our profound respect for the surrounding environment and community.

Passion for working

The solid foundations of ROC Conciaria are formed thanks to a close-knit team of passionate professionals of which the company is proud of. Our people have always been the driving force behind our many great achievements. They also tie us to the local community and its traditions, and are a living embodiment of our determination to aim for ambitious targets, all the while respecting the community and the environment. Our people are the ultimate expression of our brand’s values and mission. Our expert and professional team has worked together for many years and is kept constantly up to date with the industry’s new trends and innovations.
ROC Conciaria can therefore offer the best possible solutions to the most demanding requirements and can also develop special and fully customised leathers to help prestigious international customers develop their ideas and projects.

Elmo Gallucci

Elmo Gallucci is the co-owner of ROC Conciaria and comes from a long family history in leathers and linings, starting in Monte Urano in 1956. He was born and raised in an area where life revolved around footwear production and the leather trade. As a young boy he began helping his father in the family shop and soon became familiar with the terms of the trade and with leather articles of all kinds. At the age of 20, Elmo channelled this early curiosity and passion into his own business. Today, his vast experience and thorough knowledge of the leather sector enables him to set increasingly ambitious and forward-looking strategies and targets.


Alberto Trocchianesi

Alberto Trocchianesi was born and grew up in Monte Urano, which is home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of children’s shoe manufacturers, in the heart of the shoe-making district of the Marche region. He began cutting leather as a young boy, learning the secrets of the craft from the area’s expert craftsmen. By doing so, he acquired skills that can only be transmitted from generation to generation and perfected by years of practice. Alberto then extended his understanding of leather by working for 15 years alongside the stylist Enzo Strada, owner of the homonymous design studio and among the first to provide consulting services directly to footwear producers. As the co-owner of the company, he is our reference person for all our customers’ technical and creative questions. He dialogues freely with internationally famous producers and stylists, interprets their needs and transforms them into original and innovative finished products. His daily work is based on unrivalled know-how and constant research.

Administrative Manager

Elisa Mattioli

Elisa is our company’s chief administrator and an essential interlocutor for all our people. She plays a fundamental role in ROC Conciaria, not only for her knowledge of the company, built up over many years of work, but also for her constant professional development. Elisa coordinates the work of different departments and acts as link between the strategies of ROC Conciaria’s owners, the activities and the needs of the workforce whose skills add value to the company.