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We are proud to announce that in December 2021 ROC Conciaria obtained the LWG certification in the Commissioning Manufacturer category (Registration number ROC101). This certification is reserved for leather businesses that buy raw hides for processing and that use the services of sub-contractors for tanning and finishing.

Companies in this category are equated with tanneries and can therefore adopt the same rating sheet. Traders alone are not included.

If you download the certificate from the link below, you will see that the activities of ROC Conciaria are classed as “Raw to Finished Leather”.


Completing the journey towards the certification of the total traceability of the raw hides used for its production, ROC Conciaria is pleased to announce that it has obtained the prestigious ICEC TS_SC_410 certification which guarantees customers the exclusively Italian origin of the raw materials upstream from the tannery.

Therefore, a further and coveted recognition to ensure high quality and give more value to our collections.