Roc Conciaria

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For us, sustainability starts with zero-kilometre leather

We believe in the importance of sustainability and therefore we purposefully select only Italian raw cattle hides and ensure complete traceability from origin to finished product.

Specifically Italian tanning processes and strict control of tanning agents allow us to certify our entire supply chain and respect the strictest parameters of all the certifications our customers request. This production philosophy also ensures consistent and excellent quality.

ROC Conciaria pays the greatest attention to ethical values needed to protect the environment and is becoming increasingly more committed to a greener world.

This can be seen from the way in which we select our raw materials to achieve important sustainability targets:

  • Zero-kilometre leathers
  • Extremely low CO2 emissions from production
  • A zero-deforestation supply chain
  • Complete traceability, from raw hide to finished product

“We recover our leather from the food supply chain”